Mazda rx3 - EZY11Z


Under the hood

Engine & Gearbox: Series IV 13B turbo. Jatco 3-speed automatic w/ trans-brake, 3800rpm Dominator stall converter, 3in 1 piece tail shaft.
Internals: VIS spec bridge port housings, race clearances, 2mm Psycho apex seals.
Induction: GT35/40R, k&N filter, tuned length custom exhaust manifold, Turbosmart 50mm external waste gate, PWR front mount intercooler.
Fuelling: Fuel cell, 1 1/2 litre surge tank, Bosch 044 fuel pump, Carter lift pump, 2x12A turbo injectors, 2xSiemens 875cc injectors.
Management: Microtech LT-10s, Turbosmart EBoost.
Exhaust: 3in dump pipe, 3in mandrel bent system with high flow cat & rotaflow 3in dump muffler.

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